Academic Visitors register with the Academic Visitors Office after arriving on campus.

Before the visitor can register, the department must create a GUEST identification number for the visitor. Please indicate the number in the space provided on the Academic Visitors Registration form.

The visitor should bring the following documents to the Academic Visitors Office:

  1. completed, original signed Academic Visitors Registration form 
  2. copy of the Invitation Letter sent by the host department
  3. Original signed Liability Waiver 
  4. copy of immigration documents, such as a Work Permit (if applicable)
  5. letter from home institution or other source stating liability coverage (if obtained)
  6. letter from funding source (if categorized as a Research Award Recipient)
  7. confirmation of IEC (International Experience Canada) or SWAP (Student Work Abroad Program) approval (if applicable)

University of Alberta ONEcard
After registering with the AVO, Academic Visitors will be able to obtain a ONEcard--the University of Alberta's official ID card.

The ONEcard gives Academic Visitors access to various campus privileges, including University of Alberta libraries.

Visit the ONEcard Office online at or in person in 9104 HUB Mall.